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When we start working together, you will receive the following:

Get started right away!

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions about how we can work together. I am happy to meet you for a cup of coffee and to tell you more about Webpresso®. Or if we are not in the same area, we can also meet digitally via Teams or Zoom.

This is how it works:

1. You have found a customer who wants a website. You agree on a price how much you want to get for designing the website. You only have to pay the start-up costs for the website yourself, so all you ask for more is what you earn.

2. I'll set everything up for you to get started. I register a domain name, install the software for the website and create an account for you with which you can log in and start building the website right away.

3. You design the website as discussed with the customer. You can also use an already designed website design from our library. If you have any questions, I'm here to help, but it's so easy that you can do it all by yourself.

4. When you're done with the web design, I'll check it again technically and make sure important things like security and backups are set up correctly. The website is technically optimized and is then ready to go live.

5. The website goes live! From that moment on, the customer pays me for the service package to keep the website online and you receive the amount that you have agreed with your customer for creating the website.

6. If you like, let's have a cup of coffee together to celebrate the successful cooperation and see how we can make the next website together.

Special offer for web designers

The start-up costs to create a website with Webpresso® are normally €500 euro, but  if you respond now, you will receive a whopping 40% discount and a  free one-on-one training  to learn how to quickly and easily create a website with Webpresso®. You also get access to an online video course to watch it again at a later moment.

Webpresso® offer for web designers

299 One-time start-up costs
  • You do not pay €500, but only €299 for the installation of the website.
  • I'll set everything up for you and you can start right away.
  • You can create a professional website without any worries.
  • Free Webpresso® training with a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Access to online video course website creation with Webpresso®.
  • The customer receives a complete website service package for only €30 per month
  • You can set up your own web design business with my technical support to help you.

Prices excluding VAT

Let's work together!

You can start your own web design business and I’m here to help! Work where-ever and whenever you want. Easily design professional websites with Webpresso®.

Send me a message with this form or call me at the number at the bottom of the website and I’ll be happy to talk to you about how we can work together.

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