Add a Call to Action to your pages

It’s recommended to add Call to Actions (CTA’s) to your pages, so visitors of your website will be encouraged to do what you’d like them to do. It’s easy to add an outstanding Call to Action to your page with the following steps:

  1. Create a new section by clicking on the + and choose a structure of a large column and a smaller column
  2. Drag a Heading widget to the large column and change the text
  3. Optionally you can change the alignment and Typography of the header under the Content and Style tabs.
  4. Click on the Widgets icon in the top bar of the side panel and drag a button widget to the small column.
  5. Give the button a text and link it to the page where you want to visitor to go after clicking the button.
  6. Optionally you can change the button’s color and hover color (when the user mouses over the button) under the Style tab.
  7. Right click on the column and click Edit Column.
  8. In the side panel set the vertical alignment to Middle and the horizontal alignment to Center to align the button in the middle of the column. Repeat this for the large column to make sure the header and the button are aligned with each other. Right click on the section (outside the columns or on the blue tab on the top) and click Edit Section.
  9. Under Advanced in the side panel you can give the Section some margin to create a distance with other elements on the page and some padding to make the section larger.
  10. Under Style in the side panel, you can give the section a background color to make the Call to Action stand out more.

Your CTA is now ready to encourage people to take action!

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