Create an anchorlink

If you want to create a link to another place on the same page, you can dit that with so called anchorlinks. If the visitor clicks on that link, the page will scroll to that place on the page. You can give any section or widget on the page an anchor. It’s important that the name of the anchor is unique, you can’t use two anchors with the same name on a page. You can add an anchor to a section or widget with the following steps:

1. Click on the section or widget to edit it.
2. In the sidepanel, go to the tab Advanced.
3. In the field CSS ID you enter a name for the anchor, for example ‘contact’.
4. Go to the link or button that you want to link to the anchor that you just created.
5. In the URL field you fill in the follinw: # + the name of the anchor. So in this example #contact.

If someoone clicks on that link, the page will automatically scroll to the anchorpoint.


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